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Exciting New Range Of Solar Battery Covers Have Hit The Solar Market!

Solar Battery Covers

We’ve recently added a range of solar battery covers to our ever expanding online store! From Tesla to Sungrow to BYD…we’ve got you covered!

The demand for solar battery covers has increased significantly in recent months. The threat of increasing electricity prices is driving home owners to invest in rooftop solar and battery storage.

The accessibility and affordability of solar batteries has never been better and we’ll have covers specifically designed for the leading solar battery brands.

To learn more about solar batteries read the Solar Quotes article here.

Can I cover a solar battery?

If you’ve already purchased a solar battery you will be well aware of the upfront cost to have one installed. It’s an expensive investment and should be cared for properly.

Similar to solar inverters, most solar batteries can be installed outside, however they shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. It can reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the battery. We discuss that topic on a previous article here.

We’re often asked “can I cover a solar battery”. Solar battery covers are used for the same reason a solar inverter cover is used. They block any harmful direct sunlight and allow sufficient airflow to pass through the sides and top of the cover for cooling purposes.

If you do need to cover your solar battery it is important to use a suitably designed cover. Everything we supply is handpicked to guarantee the best quality and functionality available on the market.

To see the full range of solar battery covers head to the shop here or click the banner below to browse through the catalogue of covers. There are covers made to suit the leading battery brands including Tesla, SolarEdge with more to come.

A recent addition to our shop is the Tesla Powerwall Battery Cover. Learn more about it by reading our blog article – Tesla Battery Covers Now Shipping Australia-wide With Cover My Inverter.

You can check out the Tesla Powerwall Battery Cover here

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  • fronius solar inverter cover

    Fronius Inverter Cover – Primo, Galvo, Symo 3kW to 8.2kW Models – FCC02 (2 colours)

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  • sungrow solar inverter cover

    Goodwe Inverter Cover – MS Single Phase & MS G2,G3 Models, KAU-DT Models (8kW to 20kW) – FCC04 (2 colours)

    $338.90 inc. GST
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  • universal inverter cover premium inverter cover

    Premium Solar Inverter Cover – FCC07 (2 colours)

    $328.90 inc. GST
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  • sungrow solar inverter cover

    Sungrow Inverter Cover – Single Phase Models – Woodland Grey – FCC01

    $328.90 inc. GST
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