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Leading Perth Solar Retailer Now Supplying Inverter Covers

fc solar inverter cover

Is your solar inverter installed in direct sunlight or exposed to the elements?

Many people are unaware that solar inverters should be installed indoors or fully shaded. Exposing your inverter to direct sunlight can cause it overheat and reduce it’s lifespan. We discussed this previously in more detail in our article Do I Need To Cover My Solar Inverter? Top 5 Most Asked Questions.

If you discover that your inverter has been installed in direct sunlight rest assured, the team from FC Inverter Covers have designed a suite of inverter covers to help protect your inverter and ensure it operates as intended.

Shade For Solar Inverters

Providing shade for solar inverters is essential. Not only will it allow your inverter to operate at its normal operating temperate, it also guarantees your inverter warranty will be maintained in case of failure.

The FC Inverter Covers range is an ideal combination of function and durability. All covers are well designed and robust, constructed from a solid sheet of marine grade aluminium, then laser cut and folded to suit your inverter type with no assembly required.

shade for solar inverters

What makes FC Inverter Covers stand out is that every cover has been specifically designed by solar professionals to suit each inverter. Each cover will not only shade your solar inverter, they also have a large opening on either side to allow for sufficient natural airflow.

To top it off an access slot has been laser cut in the front panel on most models so you can access the control panel without removing the cover making it the ultimate solution.

solar inverter covers

Browse the FC Inverter Covers catalogue

You can see the full FC Inverter Covers range here in the Cover My Inverter online shop. Shade for solar inverters is only a few clicks away. Their most popular covers retail for $299 keeping them an affordable option for everyday aussies.

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  • fronius solar inverter cover

    Fronius Inverter Cover – Primo, Galvo, Symo 3kW to 8.2kW Models – FCC02 (2 colours)

    $328.90 inc. GST
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  • sungrow solar inverter cover

    Goodwe Inverter Cover – MS Single Phase & MS G2,G3 Models, KAU-DT Models (8kW to 20kW) – FCC04 (2 colours)

    $338.90 inc. GST
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  • universal inverter cover premium inverter cover

    Premium Solar Inverter Cover – FCC07 (2 colours)

    $328.90 inc. GST
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  • sungrow solar inverter cover

    Sungrow Inverter Cover – Single Phase Models – Woodland Grey – FCC01

    $328.90 inc. GST
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