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solar inverter shade cover

Solar Inverter Shade Covers, also known as Solar Inverter Covers, are an important accessory to any rooftop solar system.

Many people are unaware that solar inverters should be installed in a fully shaded location. Exposing solar inverters to direct sunlight can cause it overheat, reduce performance, decrease it’s lifespan and void the inverter warranty.

The inverter is the “heart” of a rooftop PV solar system, constantly pumping electricity through the “veins” of the house. They’re critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of the electricity produced. As tough and resilient as they are, care needs to be taken when choosing a suitable location to install the inverter.

Providing shade for a solar inverter will ensure it functions at its optimal operating temperature, it also guarantees your inverter warranty will be maintained in case of failure. If your inverter has been installed in direct sunlight or exposed to the elements, there is suite of high quality, manufacturer approved inverter covers available to protect your inverter and ensure it operates as intended for the years to come.

Solar Inverter Shade Covers

When choosing an inverter cover it is important to assess the features of the cover and determine what value you are getting for your money. A solar inverter is an expensive piece of electronic equipment that should never be protected with a sub-standard inverter cover.

Does it block direct sunlight and allow for adequate natural airflow? Has it been approved by the inverter manufacturer? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Will it last for 20+ years exposed to the elements? Is it designed to suit the inverter? These are the questions you need to ask.

As with any product, there is often a large selection of options available on the market, making the decision overwhelming for some. Cover My Inverter only supplies products made by the leading inverter cover manufacturers, providing a hand picked selection of functional, robust and stylish inverter covers.

“The most stylish solar inverter covers on the market for covering your solar inverter. We’ve searched for ages for just the right product! Well made and easy to install – this ticks all boxes!”

Tara (verified owner) – April 15, 2022

To see the full range of Solar Inverter Shade Covers head to the shop here or click the banner below to browse through the catalogue of covers. There are covers made to suit the leading inverter brands including Fronius, GoodWe, Sungrow, SMA and many more.

A recent addition to our shop is the Tesla Powerwall Battery Cover. Learn more by reading our blog article – Tesla Battery Covers Now Shipping Australia-wide With Cover My Inverter.

You can check out the Tesla Powerwall Battery Cover here

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