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Sungrow Single Phase Hybrid RT Series Inverter Covers Available Now!

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We’re excited to announce a new solar inverter cover has been added to our constantly growing catalogue of inverter covers. This custom designed cover is made to suit Sungrow Single Phase Hybrid RT Series inverters.

It’s another FC Inverter Covers masterpiece with the style and functionality we’ve come to expect. To learn more about inverter covers read our article Affordable High Quality Inverter Covers For Everyday Aussies

Sungrow Single Phase Hybrid RT Series Inverter Cover

The dimensions of the cover have been carefully planned to guarantee the optimal performance of the inverter.

Strategically positioned side openings allow for sufficient airflow to pass through the inverter, while the cover itself blocks any harmful direct sunlight.

A sleek powdercoated exterior tops it off to provide a stylish finish that is easy on the eye!

Don’t take out word for it, check it out below and see for yourself!

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