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Tankless Water Heater Covers

Hide your water heater in plain site with a sleek and robust tankless water heater cover. Protect it from the sun and other elements by choosing a cover from our collection of custom designed tankless water heater covers.

Can you enclose a tankless water heater? The majority of outdoor water heaters require an enclosure to protect them from changing weather conditions. A cover for your water heater can also:

– Protects members of your family from getting too close to the unit and sustaining an injury
– Improves the look of the area around the water heater
– Limits the damaging effects of rust

See the full range of tankless water heater covers below!

  • sungrow RT solar inverter cover

    Rinnai B Series and Infinity Series Cover (Tankless Hot Water Cover)

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Tankless water heaters are a big investment! They’re a sensitive piece of equipment and need to be properly cared for. Tankless water heaters should not be installed in a location that is exposed to direct sunlight or other elements. Luckily our range of Tankless Water Heater Covers are here to help!

Each Instantaneous Water Heater Cover is made to suit your water heater. It blocks direct sunlight and allows for adequate airflow to ensure your water heater doesn’t overheat.

Browse the range above and ensure your water heater is properly protected with a robust and sleek tankless water heater cover!

Grab yours today!

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